Giving Is Not Just For The Very Rich - A How-To Guide For Giving & Philanthropy
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Giving Is Not Just For The Very Rich
Book shows how giving benefits others and yourself by dealing with key questions: Why give--what are your values and concerns? Where to give-major causes and charities? How to give wisely? Where to gi...

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FREE materials are available on our MEDIA page.

You can obtain our book in print from, Barnes & Noble, Ingram, Baker and Taylor and other distributors. It is also available on Kindle. The video is on YouTube.

MEDIA INTERVIEWS with “Dr. Susan, The Giving Doctor”: 

Paul Berry, “Home and Family Finance” (Washington, DC); Frankie Boyer (Boston, MA); Bob Cudmore New York State); Chris DeBello, “Issues and Ideas” (NJ); Dan Del Campo, “Sound Off” (CA); Michael Dresser (Milwaukee, WI); Chicke Fitzgerald, “Uncommon Giving” (FL); Dr. Stan Frager (Louisville, KY); Bonnie D. Graham (Great Neck, NY); Rich Hallstrom & Zeke Bambolo, “Motivation with a Purpose” (Seattle, WA); Lewis Harrison (New York State); Brad Segall (Philadelphia, PA); Rick Young (New York, NY); and many more.

SPEAKER on giving and philanthropy at Columbia University, Harvard Club, Rotary Club,
Sutton Place Synagogue and elsewhere.
We believe that GIVING IS A PLEASURE which can be enhanced if you think seriously about your own values and then research which organizations are serving the needs you consider most important. You will then be ready to design a giving program for yourself.
If you have any comments... or questions about where and what to give, please contact us at
"Dr. Susan" Aurelia Gitelson
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